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Nicola's PATH

What most people know is that Nicola won a Gold Medal in snowboarding. The first ever.

What most people say about her is, that she is an amazing human being, a role model, a pioneer and born with a gift of extraordinary intuition and a sensitive perception.


What we know: Strong women aren't born- they are built through the storms they go through.

In 2010, Nicola lost her life-partner, soulmate and best friend Jochen due to cancer. Together they shared their passion for sports, traveling and building the life of their dreams. Day by day. Without knowing how much time was left.

Winning and losing what Nicola loved the most became her most valuable mentor and coach.

Life itself with all its experiences empowered her to learn all the skills she needed to not only survive, but thrive and live fully. 

With her extraordinary life story Nicola is predestined to transform challenges into a blessing - for herself and for those around her.

Turning dreams into reality.-

This is Nicola.
This is what Nicola does.

All her life.
For living.


The Queen of Comebacks

3 ACL knee injuries in only 3 years, consecutively followed by 1.Place World Cup winning comebacks.

The hero's journey to me doesn't go from weakness to strength - it goes from strength to weakness.-

As the No1 in the world, Nicola decided to retire in 2003 from her halfpipe career. For the love of sports, her future health and knowing that new ways will open new doors.


Miracles always happen in the unknown.

With winning the prestigious FWT Verbier Xtreme in 2015, Nicola proofed to herself once again that with curiosity, dedication and a strong mindset - everything is possible.

The Olympic Champion 

Champion is not a title, it's a way of life. Oh, yes !

As a young girl I just wanted to find out
how far I can make it, if I dedicate all my time and energy to my biggest passion: Snowboarding.-

5 years later, she won Olympic Gold. Forging path for a whole new generation. Redefining women snowboarding with her powerful style and incredible airtime and a new mindset - everything is possible.

The titles she won for others. The performance itself came straight from her heart - snowboarding became her voice, her way of living, any given day. No matter who was watching.


What we believe

is what we



All in.

The Visionary

In 2010 Nicola founded the talentscouting series "Sprungbrett". As a pioneer in talent scouting of young athletes, she created a new way for grassroots support of young athletes and snowboarding. 

Passion is the strongest driver.


 600+ people Nicola guided with her incredible team along the 50+ Camps and Events she organized for more than 15 years.


True leaders create new leaders.

New standards in todays german federation and kids events where established, amazing friends, exceptional connections...

These experiences will live forever.

The 3 Farewell events in 2019 where fully booked and one of the most emotional get togethers of  passionate heart-driven people Nicola brought to live until then.


The goal of life is to find you gift - the purpose of life is to give it away.

When you ask Nicola what's so special about the PATH - she says:

People come to me, we have powerful conversations, we adventure, explore, investigate, stretch comfortzones, play outdoors with nature and listen deeply.
When they go back to their lives - miracles happen.

It's the journey, not the destination which makes life colorful.

Once in your lifetime you have to experience a day with Nicola, when she is leading people on their hero's journey. -  It's pure magic.


Turning dreams

into reality.-

This is Nicola.
This is what Nicola does.

All her life.
For living.

Known & Unknown Facts

Born       May, 3rd 1981, Pforzheim, Germany
Home    Westendorf / Kitzbüheler Alpen, Austria

MTB-Bike, Roadbike, Paragliding, Hiking, Trailrunning, Freeriding, Snowboarding, Skiing, Skitour, Mountaineering, Windsurfing, Swimming, Gymnastics, Yoga, Dancing

Milestones Professional Sports

Olympic Gold Champion Snowboard Halfpipe Nagano 1998
25 x WC Winning Titels 
2 x ISF Worldtour Champion 1998 & 1999

3 x Award winning No.1 comebacks after ACL injuries
Freeride World Tour Champion, Verbier Xtreme 2015


Milestones Visionary Entrepreneur

Event CEO "Burton All Girls Camps, "Red Bull Upsprings" Founder CEO "Sprungbrett" Talentscouting Series
Mentor for +300 Talents in Sports, Coaching, Foto & Film

Founder CEO of The PATH Sports Foundation

28 years of personal development research

Official Certifications

Dipl. Sports Economics Scientist, Eventmanagement & Marketing
Professional Sports, Communication, Sports Training

Mental Performance Coach *Trauma informed 
Thai Yoga Massage, 
Healing through somatic experiences

Special Talents
Mental Performance Coach for Outdoor Athletes, Life Coaching, Mentoring, Intution Guidance, Talentscouting, HSP

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