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Let's get started..

Go to one of your favorite places, that inspires you.
Take a pen and paper and just start writing.
Answer these questions for yourself - not for others.

The better you get to know yourself,  the more you can unfold your full potential.

Even if you  never send to anyone, it will change your live.

The secret of success is, following your heart.

If you chose to share your dream with us, we will handle it with kindness, respect and confidence.
Thanks for your trust.

Your Dream


1 How would you describe your dream in 3 sentences?


2 What the 3 things most important to you within it? 


3 What are the 3 reasons that where holding you back ?


4 If you had 1 free wish - what would it be?


5 If you had 10.000 people listening to what you have to say -  what would it be?

Your Vision


1 What are the 3 values in life you would be fighting for, no matter what?


2 What’s your greatest fear?


3 What is the most important message you wanna share with people you care for?


4 What does a successful life mean to you?


5 Tell me about 1 thing that seems impossible today, but would change everything. 

Your Way of Life


1 Who do you think is your toughest competitor and why?


2 What is your special talent?


3 What is the dark side of this special talent?


4 What is missing most in your personal and professional life?


5 What are you most proud of in your personal and professional life and why?


Your Life Choices:


1 What are the 3 things you love to spend the most time with?


2 What are 3 things that give you energy?


3 What are 3 things that drain you?


4 What is your biggest regret?


5 What’s the best book, music, movie, person or destination you ever came in contact with ?


Your Future


1 If money wasn’t an issue, what’s the first thing you would do and why?


2 What are the 3 reasons, you would give up on your dream.


3  If I called you in 1 year and told me it was the best year of you life, what would you tell me?


4 What is the most important thing you want me to know about you and why?


5 How do you want to be remembered?

You made it - one step closer to your dream.

Whenever you are ready, send us an email and learn more about ways to work together. 

Looking forward to meet you
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