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It’s time to write a new story....

We need people, who are courageous enough to live their dreams.

We need people, who share their empowering stories.

And we need people, who support and believe in us 

- no matter the circumstances.


This is what we value, embrace and live by.

Are you ready for „The PATH #dreamstoreality"-your hero's journey? 

An unique mentoring & coaching program for 7 aspiring outdoor athletes run by
Olympic champion, Outdoor Athlete and Mental Coach Nicola Thost.


You’ll join a group of visionary athletes & entrepreneurs sharing your passion, ambition and drive for making the impossible possible.

You'll learn and grow together with experienced mentors who dedicate their time, energy and money to empower your journey of making your biggest dreams become reality !



Does this sound like you ? 


You are passionate to dedicate most of your time around outdoor sports. You love to
- explore and go new ways
- learn and stretch comfort zones

- fully live what makes you feel alive

- make your live an adventure

- inspire others on your journey... Is this you?

You are in the right place. We would like to meet you.



Send us your biggest dream and apply for one of the 7 spots - powered by The PATH Sports Foundation.

We would like to get to know you better


-  why your dream is so important to you ?

-  where are you at right now, what is missing ?

-  what seems impossible today, but would change everything ?

Let's start to creating mircales with answering our
20 magic questions.



How we gonna work together ?

1 Send us your application. We will reply to each and every application that is fully completed and answered wholeheartedly.


2 Followed by an invitation to a powerful 1:1 coaching conversation with Nicola Thost, to find out together, if we are a good fit to make you fly. 

3 A match will lead us meeting in your favorite playground for 1 full day.
We will get to know each other in person, see where you are at, dive into personal development, your strengths and potential and define how we can best support you.

If it’s a match for both of us - we are on a mission together!




The distance between your dream and reality is called your Path.

Find what makes you feel alive
and build your life around the answer. 



What’s next? 


As one of the chosen athletes, you will team with a group of visionary athletes and entrepreneurs sharing high intentions and values, lead by Nicola Thost.

Together we will support, guide and empower you on your path to follow your dreams and turn them into reality.


We will investigate and put together an individual plan for your budget and support package consisting access to our experts, mentors and a generous financial support

powered by The PATH Sports Foundation.


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